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Who we are

3pul is an innovative paid sports betting tips and predictions website.

We are a team of experienced and professional sports event analysts.

We assist our clients with accurate, reliable and better sports betting tips and predictions from over 35  leagues globally, with over 75% winning potential.

You want to win and we want to help you win with our better sports betting tips.

We know the time it takes to select the right match, studying and analyzing each event to eventually come to a safe pick, this is why you should rely on our experienced and reliable tipsters who thoroughly analyze matches daily and take statistics prior to each event.

They take into consideration previous performances, history, injured players, weather conditions and more. This makes them come to safe judgement with a win accuracy of over 75%, and in less than 24 hours we put up our predictions on our website, and dispatch SMS booking codes 24 hours before the match begins.

We also manage betting accounts of our clients; placing bets on their behalf from our top picks and enabling them win everyday.

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